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Learn How Video is Changing the Way Vets Get Hired





Digging deep is what we do and the pre-interview is at the heart of it.  It's all about making people feel comfortable and encouraged. We start by letting candidates tell us their story. Then we poke and prod until we uncover those life nuggets that need to be shared.  Everyone's story is unique and it's our mission to tell it in a way that positions these Vets for success. Often, our veterans return from service only to find that their resumes, though not conventional, might not truly reflect their life experience but the strengths they bring to the workforce are undeniable.  The pre-interview, whether by phone or Skype, lets us uncover the qualities that will get them hired and make a plan before we shoot and edit their video.


On the day of the shoot we concentrate on elevating these candidates through story.  We coach and prepare them to tell their story with examples and anecdotes. We make sure they are putting their best self forward, both in appearance and communication. We will coach them on wardrobe selection, hair, make-up and how to emphasize their skills. For candidates that have visuals that tell their story but are less comfortable on camera, we can use small bits of video and use voice over, B-Roll and still photos to tell their story.


We work to set just the right tone and let the strengths of the applicant shine through. We include music, graphics, photos and any other elements that are unique to the individual to provide a professional final version.  Each candidate's video will be edited to highlight the skills required for the types of jobs they are applying for.


Once a video is finished it is given a unique link that can be added to a resume, cover letter, job application or LinkedIn profile. Candidates are taught how to leverage the power of their video and how to get it to the proper HR professionals. The link can be posted and kept private until you decide where to share it. You will also have the ability to take it down once you are hired.


The video is a faster and more engaging way to shorten the hiring process. By sending the link to future employers you have made it easier for them to imagine you as an employee that is a match with the required skills.  The video can also help you tell your story and fill in the gaps you may have on a resume. Big Voice Video will help take you to the finish line.

We have received nothing but positive comments about using video to introduce the vets we support. Employers love that they can immediately get a sense of someone’s communication skills, especially when the jobs they are filling require those skills.
— Jewish Vocational Services, Los Angeles, Ca





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