Big Voice Video and JVS

Proudly Partnering to Provide Personal Video Profiles for Veterans

Be among the first to watch how Big Voice Video and JVS are pioneering strategies in getting Vets hired in today’s world. The video below will be shared by JVS with their employers and partners to increase the footprint of this valuable tool.

As you can see video is a faster and more engaging way to shorten the hiring process. By attaching their video link on job applications, cover letters, resumes etc. Vets are making it easier for themselves to be considered for jobs as it breaks down barriers with potential employers.

Veterans who are using our supporting video are much more likely to get an in-person interview. We offer a full-service, streamlined production process individualized for each candidate and can help guide the funding process necessary to provide this powerful tool to your Vets at no cost to them. Our Vets aren’t looking for handouts…. just opportunity. These personal profiles can be the gateway to opportunity.

If you or another organization is interested in using this powerful tool to help Vets get hired, contact us today! 



caryl kristensen