How to Introduce Vets to Employers


The power of a video is a clear asset to veteran's looking for work. By strengthening their resumes, applications and online profiles, we can help speed up the hiring process and get them in front of employers much quicker.

This past month Big Voice Video met with the preferred partners and employers of JVS in downtown Los Angeles. They included: Cedar Sinai Hospital, Advanced Security Concepts, AT&T, Wounded Warriors and more...


"These videos are so important because they help them stand out and they are so impactful. The fact that they took the initiative to do a video makes them stand out."

MJ Mouangsavanh, hiring manager from AT&T


I can go to Craig's List and get a thousand resumes but when I see a video I can see their smile and confidence, things I can't see from a resume really makes them stand out."

Shahar Vikszer - Advanced Security Concepts

"I think these videos are so valuable because on a resume things are so objective. You can't see their personality, passion or drive. On a video you can see their soft skills and other aspects of their individuality that helps them stand out and that makes them so valuable to a company."

Maggie Cutler - US Veteran's Initiative

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have accepted an Application Developer II position with the County of Los Angeles after fifteen months of unemployment. I will be walking into my new place of employment on Monday, December 12th at 7:00 am. Teamwork works!!! For you this might be another number you can put in your success column. But for me, it is much, much more! I am extremely grateful for all that you did".

Formally Unemployed, Orlando Epting

Veterans who are using supporting video are much more likely to get an in-person  interview. If you or another organization are interested in using this powerful tool to help vets get hired, contact us today!

caryl kristensen